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SizeGenetics Testimonials


SizeGenetics Testimonial – S.D. – Members Forum

“Sex has been great with my girlfriend. She’s been moaning lately during our “time” and I almost made her ejaculate the other day (which is a big difference from when we used to have sex, she has no idea I’ve been PEing)”


SizeGenetics Testimonial – scx700. – Members Forum

“So far I have been doing PE for 4 months and I have seen gains. Didn’t really believe in this whole thing when I first started but it does actually work. Im still on the intermediate workout but I will move to the more advance stuff soon. What I have notice is my erections are rock solid now I have gain about 1/2inch in length and about 1/4inch in girth and the head of my penis has increased in size. What I have seen so far is really great and I plan on continuing the program.”


SizeGenetics Testimonial – buddy629. – Members Forum

“I’ve been at it (PE) for about 4 months now. I started PE in September 2006. I started with a nice newbie routine for the first month, moved up to an intermediate routine for another month, and have been doing an advanced routine since then.
I’ve gained about 1/2 inch in both length and girth, Going from 6.75″ long to 7.3125″ long. My girth has increased from 4.8125″ to 5.375″. I’m still going at it. My goal, which I hope to reach by September 2007, is 5.75″ in girth. Since I’ve found that length is easier to achieve than girth, my length by then will probably be around 8″ or so. “


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